Creating Exceptional Value through Elite Influence

In an increasingly digital, complex and uncertain world, where the quality of our relationships define success, our ability to influence others is more important than ever.

Influence is increasingly the competitive advantage.


We exist to give our clients a competitive advantage through elite influence.

Influence is at the core of successful performance: it is the ability to affect positive change in another individual or organisation. Elite influence is effecting change with precision, skill and deliberation.

Some valuable business outcomes of elite influence are:

Some valuable business outcomes of elite influence are


We draw on our unique experience as specialist Military Intelligence operators to help business leaders realise these business outcomes.

When the stakes are high, you learn to become excellent very quickly. We gained our expertise in extreme environments, where conversations with the Taliban and insurgents often amounted to a matter of life and death. Today, we use our unique methodology and expertise to create exceptional value for our clients.

Our methodology is simple, memorable, and above all, practical. Using skills that proved effective in intense military environments, we’ve codified a practical toolkit that can be tailored to any business.


We help our clients solve their toughest influence challenges and build elite influence capability amongst their people.


Your company’s most complex and difficult influence challenges are solved with the support of our methodology and expertise: we provide an innovative and comprehensive approach to the human-factor of any business challenge.

Our experts are on-hand to guide and support your organisation through the creation and execution of an influence strategy that delivers measurable results.

Influence Strategy Workshop

Our Strategy Workshops build your company’s capacity to develop actionable and measurable influence strategies. The result is a precise, efficient and revealing method to effect change. Simple and highly practical, these workshops equip you with a shared framework and language.

Each workshop is followed by a period of embedding, to ensure the long-term, sustainable results.

Influence Skills Workshop

We build elite influence ability on your terms – in other words, the skills that allow you to execute your influence strategies within any given scenario. We take time to understand your influence challenges before customising our approach to increase our value to you.

Each workshop is followed by a period of consolidation and personalised consulting to ensure long-term results.

Influence Essentials

These bite-sized workshops, over half a day, focus on specific influence challenges. They are dynamic, fast-paced sessions, which apply our methodology in practical challenges, building elite influence ability along the way.

They are designed to be highly interactive, with immediate results. They can scale to 100 delegates.



Our team of consultants have deployed on multiple Military Intelligence operations across the globe, influencing the most resistant of individuals and organisations.

Applied Influence Group Map

Emma Dutton MBE

Co-Founder & CEO

Dan Connors

Co-Founder & Chief Influence Officer

Graham Drew

Chief Strategy Officer

Jake Sweet


Abigail Ireland

Associate Consultant

Vix Anderton

Associate Consultant

Emma Quinn

Associate Consultant

Paul Downes

Associate Consultant

Richard Smith

Associate Consultant

Steff Booth

Executive Assistant

Helena Mofflin

Head of Finance

Joanne Hawkins

Contract Manager

Kyle Hughes

Co-Founder & Advisor

Sarah Long


Dr Jamie Dow


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