Using Military Intelligence Expertise to Accelerate Deals and Increase B2B Sales Growth

Applied Influence Group is a highly specialist growth consultancy with a heritage in military intelligence.
Our unique approach to complex B2B sales gives our clients a competitive advantage.
Using advanced influence skills, strategies and training, we equip leaders to take control, ensure bigger wins and accelerate growth.



We make measurable growth achievable

Account leaders face increasing pressure to achieve ambitious targets. The requirement for business development and sales growth is never-ending. Selling more complex and multi-product offerings requires value-driven conversations with out-of-reach stakeholders, and even experienced sales professionals can feel ill-equipped.

With our specialist elite-influence capability, our clients are confident, in control, and demonstrate a maturity in B2B sales and account growth ahead of the competition. This results in valuable conversations and accelerated deals, leading to significant account revenue gain, more quickly.

Our elite-influence campaigns get results


Implement our proven approach, developed on military intelligence operations

We support organisations, businesses, and teams to use influence techniques, cultivated from our heritage in military intelligence.

We have developed a unique elite-influence methodology that exclusively focuses on B2B sales growth, which can be taught, applied, and implemented in a consistent, repeatable way that scales with your success.

We take time to understand your challenges before customising our approach to ensure you get the most value from us.


We build elite-influence campaigns and give you the capability to succeed on your own

An influence campaign enables you to…

deliver persuasive influence messages

at the right time

to the right stakeholders

in the right sequence

by the best placed person

in a way that ethically influences their buying decisions…

…to achieve account objectives and success

Our services adapt and scale to your needs, your challenges and your ambitious targets, so you get the results you want and achieve measurable growth.

We can provide direct support and get hands-on alongside you, integrate the power of elite-influence into your business through training and programmes, or introduce you to the capability and concepts of elite-influence through powerful speaking engagements.


Consultancy Services

Directed by the outcome or result you want, our consultancy services are available for complex, high value sales.

Access our experience and guidance directly. With our hands-on approach, you can benefit from the best.

Our experts will lead your organisation through the creation and execution of a bespoke elite-influence campaign, that delivers the sales results you want.


Training & Programmes

Enabling you to build your own influence campaigns, our techniques, skills and strategies can be immediately applied, and are supported by online resources.

Grow your potential with our elite-influence sales training. With our scenario-based approach, we can embed our unique capability into your business and optimize your business-as-usual sales and governance processes with the best from elite-influence.

Our programmes can be followed by a period of consolidation and personalised consulting, to ensure long-term, sustainable results.


Offsites & Events

Capturing your audience, our key-note speeches, talks and tasters are tailored to fit your context, and provide bite-sized learning that will create an impact at your next event.

Listen and learn tactical tips and techniques. With our unique and memorable content, we engage your audience and leave them walking away reimagining what’s possible and wanting more.

Our speakers will energise and inspire your people as they introduce them to the cutting-edge capability of elite-influence, and give them the drive to deliver.


Our team come from varied backgrounds and bring their own stories and experiences in sales and intelligence – applying elite-influence in challenging and extreme circumstances – to offer something truly unique.

Together, we drive organisations to accelerate deals and increase B2B sales growth, by maturing their sales capability with our advanced, practical, and proven methods.

Applied Influence Group Map

Emma Dutton MBE

Co-Founder & CEO

Dan Connors

Co-Founder & Chief Influence Officer

Graham Drew

Chief Strategy Officer

Jake Sweet

Associate Consultant

Abigail Ireland

Associate Consultant

Vix Anderton

Associate Consultant

Emma Quinn

Associate Consultant

Paul Downes

Associate Consultant

Richard Smith

Associate Consultant

Steff Booth

Executive Assistant

Helena Mofflin

Head of Finance

Joanne Hawkins

Contract Manager

Kyle Hughes

Co-Founder & Advisor

Sarah Long


Dr Jamie Dow



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