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Our influence services

We work alongside you to plan and execute precise influence campaigns
to turn even the most ambitious goals into reality.

We help you build in-house expertise to use time and again.

Nearly 1,000,000 hours of collective experience

We have nearly 1,000,000 hours of collective experience influencing others in high stakes situations – military and business. We have worked out what variables matter and what methods are most effective.

With Direct Support, the Influence Campaigns are led by our experts, which removes the ambiguity that comes from acting on instinct. Instead, we give you clarity. A plan of action that aligns the team to execute a finely-tuned influence campaign with precision.

And because our methods are codified, we can deliver programmes to embed this powerful capability in-house. We can integrate our methodology into your sales process and capabilities to enable repeated success.

Direct support

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with your teams to deliver the sales results you need.

Our Direct Support services are designed specifically for complex, high value sales and this hands-on approach targets specific growth goals in single or multiple customers.


Anyone can learn to be an Influence Campaign expert. Imagine the results when all your sales people can influence the buying decisions of their most complex customers with speed and precision.

We embed our methods to enhance existing sales process, and create an in-house capability, meaning you don’t need to rely on us.

What our clients say

As an Account Manager of a global, $100M+ annual account in a business undergoing significant industry and technology change, Applied Influence have brought invaluable experience with a level of sophistication I have not previously encountered in applying structural rigor to relationship and influence strategy. Involving them in a highly competitive renewal, avoid runoff and unlock new business, has been a critical success factor for us.”

Strategic Account Leader
Fortune 350 company