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How we work with you

We help you understand and focus on the human aspect of B2B situations

We focus on simple planning and intelligence gathering, brought together in a coherent influence strategy to align the whole team

Influence means to change the behaviours and decisions of others to align with your goals

But relying only on your experience and instinct to influence others causes inconsistent and poor results.

Instead, a finely-tuned Influence Campaign reliably delivers the right influence with the right stakeholders at the right time.

This is not a sales methodology. It is a systematic, repeatable, and precise approach to controlling the human factors in complex sales.

It can integrate to, and enhance, any existing sales methodology.

An Influence Campaign
enables you to…

  • deliver persuasive influence messages
  • at the right time
  • to the right stakeholders
  • in the right sequence
  • by the best placed person
  • in a way that ethically influences their buying decisions…

Our approach is…

Human Centered

We focus on the human aspects of your sales challenges and deliver influence outcomes that make all the difference to your growth goals.

Our methods include understanding the stakeholder landscape, short and long-term planning, and seeing stakeholders as unique humans with intrinsic motives, not just job-titles.

Results focused

Influence campaigns deliver effective, targeted influence where it achieves maximum gains to drive value for your customer and better results for you. 

We measure end results but also leading indicators, such as changes to perceptions or the number and nature of relationships with stakeholders relevant to the buying decision. 


We are fully focused on understanding the goals critical to your organisation and your team.

We conduct in-depth sessions with you to wholly grasp the influence challenges you face.

We customise our approach to integrate to your existing practices and sales methods.

What our clients say

Over my 30 years in sales I’ve spent nearly £100,000 on personal sales enablement and training and seen everything there is out there; Applied Influence have a completely unique product which has proven more immediately valuable than any other product I’ve experienced – and given me the greatest RoI.”

Interim CRO
Various companies