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Implementing a strategic influence campaign to deliver $6m of accelerated sales opportunity

We’ve achieved more in 4 months with the Influence Campaign than in the 2 years before that, without one.

Account Exec, VMware

The challenge

VMware had been engaged in this public sector customer for several years, but their relationships had always been contained to the infrastructure team. This meant VMware weren’t engaged with the full breadth of their capabilities –but if they were it would save the customer significant amounts of annual IT cost.

Applied Influence were engaged to help VMware change the customer’s perception of VMware from a legacy infrastructure supplier to a leading, innovative technology brand, enabling the customer’s adoption of broader VMware capabilities and to ultimately drive £millions in cost savings.

Issues to overcome included:

  • Mware had relationships and influence with just one group of customer stakeholders associated with a legacy contract renewal cycle.
  • Moving to a monthly subscription model required relationships with several groups of multiple stakeholders. This presented a challenge that VMware had not previously addressed.
  • As a government department, the customer tended towards a siloed culture. As such the organisation was complex and difficult to navigate.
  • It was challenging to obtain a clear 360 view of the stakeholder landscape from within the customer, making it seem impenetrable from the outside.

The solution

We supported the account team using an Influence Campaign which enabled effective influence of the complex stakeholder landscape, driving success for both VMware and the customer.

Achievements included:

  • Identification and mapping of the high-impact, budget-owning stakeholders.
  • Faster and improved alignment across VMware’s internal business units, to ensure all contact with the customer was fully coordinated and joined up.
  • Progress towards the customers key goals, accelerating growth for VMware as a result.
  • Uplift in VMware’s understanding of the customers challenges and the factors affecting their decision making.
  • Increased capability amongst VMware’s sales team to continue the Influence Campaign approach after AIG support ended.

The outcome

  • VMware gained a detailed understanding of the customer’s high-impact stakeholders, and built strong, knowledgeable relationships with them.
  • VMware’s Tanzu product achieved high visibility within the customer as an innovative, relevant solution.
  • VMware’s sales teams became highly confident that Tanzu could deliver a targeted solution to resolve the customer’s challenges.

As a result, the next round of contract renewals included licences for VMware Tanzu bringing forward pipeline revenue by 9 months..

The story in numbers

  • 9 months

    Accelerated progress to pipeline revenue target by 9 MONTHS

  • 10% to 70%

    Probability of sales goal achievement increased sevenfold from 10% to 70%

  • $6m

    Delivered $6m of increased revenue to sales pipeline for a single customer

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