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Our clients

We work with brilliant businesses committed to building powerful relationships that drive value for their customers

We work with tech and professional services businesses who need help to:

Get higher and wider into new lines of business and connect with out-of-reach stakeholders

Shift unhelpful perceptions about the relevance of your products and services

Have confident, value-focused (not tech focused) conversations with business leaders

Achieve trusted advisor relationships with the right stakeholder

Be closely aligned as a team to move at pace behind a unified influence campaign

What our clients say

I’ve been leading complex deals for global corporations for two decades. I thought I knew all there was to know about how to identify, engage, and influence key stakeholders but AIG have shown me another level of sophistication and precision. I have not found another business on the planet that can do what they do.”

VP Head of Complex Deals
Fortune 50 company

Over my 30 years in sales I’ve spent nearly £100,000 on personal sales enablement and training and seen everything there is out there; Applied Influence have a completely unique product which has proven more immediately valuable than any other product I’ve experienced – and given me the greatest RoI.”

Interim CRO
Various companies

As an Account Manager of a global, $100M+ annual account in a business undergoing significant industry and technology change, Applied Influence have brought invaluable experience with a level of sophistication I have not previously encountered in applying structural rigor to relationship and influence strategy. Involving them in a highly competitive renewal, avoid runoff and unlock new business, has been a critical success factor for us.”

Strategic Account Leader
Fortune 350 company

Case studies

vmware logo


Implementing a strategic influence campaign to deliver $6m of accelerated sales opportunity.

capco logo


Developing and delivering a
sustainable capability programme
to upskill principal consultants to
influence in complex sales environments,
enabling growth of new revenue by an
average 10% per consultant.

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