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About us

What unites us is a human centric approach to B2B growth

What makes us different?

Measurable Results

All our campaigns focus on the results that deliver the most value for your customers and accelerate your growth. Measuring the value to you and your customers is at the centre of our work.

Military heritage

Whilst our team have varied backgrounds, the Applied Influence Group idea was born out of military intelligence operations to influence life and death outcomes.

Unique approach

Our unique approach to influencing outcomes in complex B2B sales took nearly 10 years of military operations and 5 years working with some of the worlds biggest businesses to develop and codify.

Applied Influence Group timeline



Applied Influence Group founders start operating in Afghanistan


AIG formed because we wanted to share with others what we had a unique opportunity to learn


First corporate client in IBM


Emma and Dan transform the company from a training business teaching influence skills to sales execs, into a consultancy business working alongside clients, directly supporting B2B sales with Influence Campaigns


We sign the Armed Forces covenant and get our Bronze award

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